Old School New Body Review

We live in a world and age where everybody wants to look younger, least teens or boys who look very young at 25 years of age. Looking younger is the main goal of most women over 35 who are not happy anymore with the way they look and are eager to shed off those extra pounds they’ve put on throughout the years. Not only women want to look better, but also men. As men age, their belly gets bigger and bigger and their muscles shrink in size. But that’s not how you want to look, right?

old school new bodyIf we’re being bluntly honest, we all want to improve an aspect of our appearance, whether it is the body or the face. What is quite amazing is that Steve & Becky Holman, two successful trainers, have managed to create an outstanding guide that teaches you everything, from losing weight and getting rid of belly fat to looking younger and staying healthy. This complete guide is called Old School New Body and can be found here.


Old School New Body – What is it?

Old School New Body is a complete guide launched on 6th May 2012, being a health & fitness product. This easy-to-follow guide contains plenty of useful and extremely easy-to-implement tips and techniques for people who want to slow down the aging process and get the body they’ve always dreamed of. Even if the program is designed for people 35 years of age and older, it can also prove extremely useful for both men and women under 35.


Who is Behind this Program?

Steve and Becky Holman, the developers of this brilliant fitness program, are extremely famous in the health & nutrition world. For instance, Steve has written and published over 20 books and hundreds of unique articles on burning fat, reversing the anti-aging process and building muscles fast. Steve is also a reputable fitness personal trainer and has interviewed many legendary physique stars such as Tom Platz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cory Everson.

On the other hand, Bechy Holman has worked hand in hand with her husband to develop and promote top-notch fitness & health programs. Her insights have proven invaluable in the grand scheme of things.

Why is this Program so Special?

The truth is that there are countless anti-aging systems available today on the market. However, this step-by-step system stands out of the crowd due to its unique formula. This is not a regular low-fat diet based on what you eat, but rather based on the Focus4 Exercise Protocol, which is a unique combination of exercises that can be considered “old school” by many modern trainers. However, this method has been tested time and time again, and the results were more than positive. The techniques presented in this guide are extremely hard to find, because they are quite old.

The authors have put together a complex system, comprised of many effective “old-school” exercises, a balanced nutrition plan and all action steps required to lose weight and slow down the aging process.

The Focus4 Exercise Protocol – Phases

The Focus4 Exercise Protocol presented in the Old School New Body program consists of 3 phases:

  1. F4X Lean: during this phase, you will learn all the exercise variations available to you. Together with the F4X meal plan you can get an astounding body and get exactly where you want to go. You need to know that most Old School, New Body readers go only through this phase and they stop, thinking that they’ve done enough. However, Phase 2 and 3 are also of paramount importance, as they help you stay in shape and tone your body.
  1. F4X Shape: once you start losing weight, you might probably want to look more like a competitive swimmer. Here you will learn certain changes in your nutrition and exercise regimens that will enable you to burn even more fat and get extra pounds of sexy muscles.
  1. F4X Build: this phase is specially designed for guys who want to look simply astounding.


The Bottom Line
Coming with a 100% money back guarantee and being promoted all across the world, the Old School New Body weight losing method is probably one of the best on the market so far. Even if some customers were unsatisfied with the results (the results do not come overnight), dedicated people could see a real improvement and could capitalize on the benefits of having a lean, muscular body.